Living with purpose and self-discovery

It is only when we live our truth, not an imitation of what we think we should be, do we begin to live with purpose.

Authentically living is a journey. Take your time and enjoy each moment of your self discovery.

Getting Started

"You must never fool yourself. You are the easiest person to fool." - Richard Feynman The journey to self discovery is hard one and it takes many steps, twists and turns to reach. For so many years, I believed I was on the right path. It took a frustrating year (2021) to make me realize I was nowhere near living my truth. I had managed to fool myself into existing in paths defined for me by others. Veiled Truths has been many years in the making. Many nervous starts and dimmed lights - but finally, it's here. With it, I hope we can unveil many truths and lies about ourselves and help each other exist authentically and purposefully. It will be messy at times - perfection is not the goal. Being true is.

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Happy New Year!!!
New Year, Real Me.

Happy 2022 everybody! I hope you declared your new year's resolutions and are well on your way to being even more kick-ass humans on this planet. This post is a whole year late and also posted just in time. Yes, an entire year. I kid you not. From fears of failure to Googling how I could do it better - a.k.a analysis paralysis - it took me a year to do this. [Sigh]. I tried so hard to be perfect. But the fear of failing made it hard for me to be focused and disciplined enough to sit down, try, and just do it.

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